6 Natural Teething Remedies

8 Natural Teething Remedies

Babies Start Teething

When Does Your Child Starts Teething

Teething is one of the most important milestones of your baby’s growth. When you baby starts to hit his 3 to 6 months after birth, it is expected to experience discomforts due to the changes of their body. For some infants, they might likely to have an earlier teething stage as their body starts at 3 months old.

There were no scientific explanations with regards on why teething can start at early age while others have to keep waiting a little longer up to a year or a half more.

Teething: Signs and Symptoms

For days before the start of breaking of gums to show teeth, your child may experience the different kinds of symptoms and signs that the teething period has begun. Most of the children may show the following signs:

Excessive dropping of saliva from your baby’s mouth.
Red Spots will start to show in the face and can sometimes spread all over the body.
Irritability and Fussiness
At this stage, your baby can experience too much pain and uneasiness as they still can’t endure the pain from teething.

Teething Remedies

During teething stage, it is expected for parents to see different changes within the baby. A constant change of moods and extreme attitude might come up during this growth. As your child is experiencing a high level of pain during the teething period, parents should make sure to give comforting remedies within this progress.

Parents should be equipped with knowledge on how to handle these changes properly. This might be the most stressful moment that any parent can face. When this moment comes, here are some effective remedies that you can apply to your child.

Teething Order Chart

Within the teething stage, parents should take note that the proper order on teething can sometimes be different than any other children as most of the infants might start earlier time while other babies can start at a later date. But with the normal process, the teething order can be seen in this order in transition from swollen gums to pearly white teeth.

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